Ambrin Berrant was a Human female who served as Senator of Agamar from 234-244 ABY. She was also the wife of famed Agamaran architect Wellam Berrant and mother of three children, including a daughter, Serín Berrant, who later served as a captain in the GAF Classified Operations Division, although Ambrin did not live to see it.


Early lifeEdit

Ambrin Firres was born on Agamar in 207 ABY. The daughter of wealthy planetary Representative Jiorgé Firres, Ambrin attended a respectable school and quickly transferred to the prestigious Agamar Academy in 226 ABY. It was there that she met her future husband, Wellam Berrant, at an academy function in mid-227 ABY. They were smitten with each other, began a romance, and were married only months after meeting.

Married lifeEdit

Ambrin soon became pregnant with twins, who were born without difficulties in 228 ABY. It would be nearly five years before they had another child, Serín. The children grew up privileged, but not overtly extravagant.
Trouble, however, was on its way. In 236 ABY, two years after her appointment as Agamar's senator to the Galactic Alliance, a separatist faction arose. Led by the driving public speaker and merchant Torvis Halci, the rebels soon launched a civil war for control of the planet, and Senator Berrant and her family had to be relocated to Corellia for protection.


Protection was short-lived, however, as Torvis Halci hired an assassin named Dara Vizsla to execute the Senator in 244 ABY to finalize his position as ruler of Agamar. The Mandalorian bounty hunter succeeded, and before the year was up Ambrin Berrant, the charming Senator of Agamar, was dead.